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Wall Coating

Exterior wall coatings are decorative treatments formulated for exterior masonry surfaces. They primarily have two main functions. Firstly they provide an attractive finish to the exterior of a building (internal wall coatings also exist). The second main function is to provide low maintenance and long life spans so they are usually very hard wearing and durable. Exterior wall coatings, therefore, tend to be quite high-end systems that use high quality and often expensive ingredients.

ProPERLA wall coatings have been rigorously tested and certified by the UKAS accredited testing laboratory, Lucideon (No. 0013), to give you peace of mind.

Lucideon is an independent materials testing and analysis laboratory. Using their state-of-the-art facilities and scientific expertise, Lucideon can thoroughly test product performance and provide impartial results.

ProPERLA wall coatings have been tested for durability, thermal insulating properties, breathability and water repellency.

ProPERLA wall coatings have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust following their rigorous and independent review process. Evidence including independent laboratory tests , European Certifications and our manufacturing and quality control procedures were reviewed and it was concluded that application of ProPERLA wall coatings do lead to improvements in thermal efficiency.
ProPERLA wall coatings were independently tested by the UKAS accredited testing and analysis laboratory, Lucideon.

Lucideon's world-leading testing and characterization laboratories enabled them to scientifically and impartially test ProPERLA wall coatings to ensure they are fit for purpose and conform to regulations.

Specifically, the tests were conducted to;
As an approved installer we have undertaken specialised training by ProPERLA in order to fully understand the highly technical properties of the exterior coatings and the correct procedures for pre-application and application.

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Wall Coating Colours

Colour Facade Coating a 'Never Paint again Wall coating' is an advanced waterproof masonry paint for brickwork. The super hydrophobic coating is for mineral substrates that require a coloured exterior wall coating.