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Loft Conversions

The loft is the perfect spot for a games room, hobbies room or den. Take time to really consider what you will be using the space for — a home cinema or music room will have different lighting requirements than a hobby space, for example.

If the activities taking place here are likely to be noisy, give some thought to soundproofing. You need not only to consider footfall noise but, if you are in a terrace or semi-detached house, the transference of noise from one house to the next. There are plenty of ways to add soundproofing:

-Thermal insulation in walls, ceilings and floors provides noise insulation, as well as thermal
-High-density acoustic plasterboard acts as a good sound blocker
-A high-density acoustic membrane helps prevent sound transfer between walls and ceilings
-Mineral wool between floor joists also helps — acoustic mineral wool offers triple the density of standard loft insulation, giving a good sound absorbing layer and thermal insulation
-In music rooms, adding foam tiles to walls and ceilings will increase sound absorption
-Consider triple-glazed windows where the new room will generate high noise levels
-Use carpet as opposed to hard flooring
-Any new plumbing should include acoustic pipe insulation

A recent Nationwide study found that a loft conversion which added an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom would add an average of 21 per cent to the value of a property. In London, according to another study, by Abbey Lofts, the increase in value was likely to be even higher, at 24.5 per cent
Extensions are considerably more expensive than loft extensions, but you are able to do a lot more with an extension than a loft conversion. Wiring and heating also costs more in an extension, so it's worth thinking about all the extra costs before you decide how you want to create more space in your home.
Yes, fire doors are essential in loft conversions. Building Regulations provide that when converting an existing roof space into a room, or rooms, the provisions for escape need to be considered. ... Any doors to an escape route will also need to be changed to fire doors to help prevent fire spreading.

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