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Gas Boiler

A gas combi boiler is designed to be a highly-efficient means of concurrently heating the water within your home and providing central heating. Combination boilers control your whole central heating system directly from one, compact unit and provide a range of advantages based on factors such as space, energy and costs.

One of the main features of these boilers is their ability to provide instantaneous hot water without water tanks or cylinders, making them typically easy to install and less likely to take up excessive space. This water is filtered through your pipes and fed into your household taps whilst also being used to heat up your radiators. By turning on the hot water tap, you trigger a response that signals the boiler to start heating water from the inside of the system. The heat exchanger transfers the majority of the heat from the burnt gas inside of the boiler to the cold water, and then delivers it to the taps as required.

More and more homeowners are deciding to replace their conventional boiler with a combi boiler, which are typically more efficient. This isn’t surprising when you consider the multitude of advantages that could come with installing a new combi boiler into your home. Buying a combination boiler could positively impact your finances, the decor of your home and your overall lifestyle. The main reason that combi boilers are more efficient is that water is only heated when you need it. They are designed to maximise the amount of energy that is directly used to heat the water, and there is no need to heat up and store more water than is required. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and also cut down on your energy bills.
In a gas combi boiler, the word 'combi' is short for 'combination'. It is called a combination boiler because it is a single unit which serves two functions - heating and hot water. One of the key attractions of a combi boiler is that no separate water heater is required. Many older homes had an immersion heater located upstairs in an airing cupboard, supplied by a header tank in the attic. When hot water was required, it was necessary to heat up the immersion heater in advance. As well as being much less efficient than a combi boiler, this system required a lot of space and was impractical.
There are several factors to consider when deciding which size gas combi boiler to buy. The most important factors are generally how much demand there is likely to be for hot water and how many radiators you will be heating.

As a rule, a 20-35kW combi boiler will generally be sufficient for an average 3-4 bedroom house, whilst those with ensuite bathrooms may find that a 30-35kW boiler is more suitable. Much bigger houses will typically need a larger 35-42kW boiler, although it may be worth considering a system boiler as an alternative.
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The Energy company obligation (ECO) is a government-backed scheme where qualifying homeowners could have their inefficient boilers replaced free of charge or heavily subsidised. We will also check if you qualify for additional energy-saving measures such as loft, cavity wall, and underfloor insulation and install these completely free! Check if you Qualify today Check if you Qualify

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