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One of the big advantages of adding more space to your existing home, of course, is that you won’t have to pay stamp duty or agents’ fees – which should free up more of your budget to put into creating a truly tailored space that suits your family

That said, it’s important to keep future resale values in mind. One crucial consideration is how well-balanced the finished house will be. It’s all very well adding a kitchen-diner with two new bedrooms above, for example, but do you have enough bathrooms or ensuites to serve the extra accommodation?

Thinking through how the new extension will integrate with the rest of your home – and possibly remodelling the original ground floor layout – could help you make the most of your scheme.

It’s tempting to be cagey about what you have to spend, but if you give your designer a budget (minus your contingency) they’ll be better able to assess what you can achieve for the money you have available. A good professional will of course aim to deliver the wow factor – but above all they’ll want to create the space you want at a price you can afford.
Some single storey and multi storey extensions are allowed under permitted development rights, which means you don’t have to make a formal planning application. Your project will have to fit within a range of criteria relating to size, height, orientation and materials – and if it falls outside of the rules, you’ll need to make a full planning application instead.
If you’re taking on a rear or side extension and live in a terraced or semi-detached property, then getting materials and plant on site could be an issue. Generally, this will mean hand-balling products through the existing house, and may require manual digging of foundations – all of which will add time and cost.

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