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Electrorad - Aeroflow

Aeroflow German made electric radiators are extremely high quality electric radiators with the longest warranty available of 30 years. Internally, the electrical elements are encased within non porous fireclay heat plates. When the element heats, it transfer the heat to the fireclay and then in turn to the radiant surface of the radiator. Once the core is hot, cold air is drawn from the floor and up through the flutes to create convection heat.

Each Aeroflow German radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat and 7 day programming system. Optionally they can be controlled remotely by radio frequency and by App from any smart device. The electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2 deg C and the timing system allows you to pre-set required room temperatures at specific times. As the temperature drops in a room the thermostat senses the change and switches the heater on, perhaps for only a minute to re-heat the internal plates. This continual dynamic re-heat process continues thereby maintaining the room temperature. The ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately is one of the great benefits of this type of heating. Because of the ability to heat up quickly the use of electricity is limited and the cost of using the Aeroflow radiators may be very little if you’re house insulation is good. These German radiators heat the room to a comfortable even temperature and also keep the floor temperature within a few degrees of the ambient room temperature.

Not to be confused with night storage heaters, which require an overnight charge, German electric radiators can be used any part of the day or night. Aeroflow German electric radiators are designed to run on standard electricity tariffs however special tariffs are available offering low cost electricity overnight, during the day and also during the evening. Manufactured to the high engineering standards for which German engineering is renowned and have a 30 YEAR GUARANTEE. German electric radiators have been available throughout Europe for more than 30 years. Aeroflow radiators are produced in the most modern factory of its kind with the most up to date production and powder coating facilities. The manufacturer has recently been awarded a gold medal for design and innovation. Recent tests have confirmed that the product is manufactured to the very latest European safety standards and bears the all important CE mark.
The heart of the Aeroflow German radiator is a refractory block combining a unique storage material with modern design and technology into one highly efficient heating unit. The heat is transferred within minutes from the internal blocks to the specially designed flutes, which radiate heat and start the convection process. This provides an optimum of radiated, convected and stored heat to provide all round warmth. There are no fluids within the radiator, so it can be guaranteed that there will never be any leaks. Supplied as standard in white ( RAL 9010 ) but available in any colour you may want, just let us know the RAL colour required
- No maintenance
-Fully controllable
-No fuel storage required
-Only pay for fuel as its used
-No smells
-No exhaust gases
-Simple installation
-Fully automatic controls
-Ideal conservatory heater
-Available wall mounted or free standing
-30 Year guarantee ( 2 years guarantee on the thermostats )
-High Performance
-Absolutely no servicing costs
-Long lifespan ensured by quality materials and excellent construction
-Available in any colour to suit the décor of the property
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Looking for Electric Heating?

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Pros and Cons

So you are considering an electric central heating system. Great! Now in terms of electric systems they are very easy to install. Especially if you are not connected to the gas network. When having an electric system fitted it is relatively simple as the storage heaters for all the rooms require less parts. The pro’s and con’s to an electric heating system are definitely something to consider before installing one in your home. This is because they differ quite a bit from Gas. Some of the main areas to consider are as follows:-

Upfront cost
To have an Electric central heating system installed is a relative small outlay. However the savings you enjoy upfront, are only beneficial if you live in a place where you do not need the heating very often.

Easy Installation
As it utilises the electricity supply to your home, and electrical system is a relatively easy and stress free installation.

Unlike gas, an electrical system does not need to be serviced yearly so is relatively easy to maintain and keep working.

Higher Overall Cost
While some electric heating systems boast nearly 100% efficiency levels, the overall rising cost of electricity makes it a costly option. Especially if you live in a climate where you need to utilise your heating more often.

Slower Heating
Unlike Gas, an electric system takes longer to warm up as its process is to work from 0%-100%. Where gas is turned on it is already at 100% ready to heat your home.