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Size isn’t everything when it comes to bathrooms. Choosing options that make your room feel lighter and brighter, as well as fixtures and fittings which have multiple uses can make a huge difference to how any bathroom functions and feels.

With some clever planning and smart design decisions, even a small bathroom, tiny ensuite or compact cloakroom can feel spacious and offer everything your household needs.We’ll walk you through choosing fixtures and fittings that’ll fit even the smallest bathroom and introduce you to some of our innovative space-saving products.We’ll also share the secrets of decorating and lighting a room to make it feel bigger. Take a look at our guide for the top small bathroom trends and create your perfect space.

Basins are the hub of the bathroom, and when space is at a premium, there are two ways that your basin can play a role in making your bathroom feel bigger.Wall-mounted basins, also known as wall-hung basins, don’t include a traditional pedestal, freeing up floor space and making your room look more streamlined.Depending on the space available, you can either opt for a floating basin that sits against any flat wall or a corner basin that sits snuggly in a space that’s often wasted.Stylish chromed wastes and fittings below the basin mean you’re not compromising on style with these sleek models.Alternatively, choose to make maximum use of the footprint of your basin by incorporating storage underneath.
Finding room for a bath can be tricky in a compact space, but fortunately there are a lot of options when it comes to this family essential.Straight baths are small-space friendly and come in a range of lengths to best fit your room. Make the most of the floorspace occupied by a bath by using it for hidden storage
Modern shower enclosures are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes that can fit into even the most difficult spaces.Quadrant and offset quadrant enclosures offer sleek looks, and sliding doors will take up very little space compared to more traditional hinged doors.If you want to keep visual clutter to a minimum, go for clear glass doors and frameless fittings that’ll help to make your shower room look bigger and keep cleaning simple.

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